Have you heard of milk bars? “Bar mleczny”, because this is what it’s called in Polish are places with traditional Polish food at very low prices. Many of the dishes are based on dairy products, hence the name. Poles have a sentiment for milk bars as during the time of communism those low-cost canteens were very popular. The government subsidized milk bars in order to provide cheap meals for the citizens. Now some of milk bars are more commercial and up-to-date while others still preserve their old-school traditions. Nonetheless in all of them you will taste traditional Polish cuisine for just a couple of Zlotys.

Below on the map you can see most of Warsaw milk bars, but we recommend a few of them. See the list below.

Remember: When a milk bar has a menu on the wall, some of the dishes are followed with the price, some aren’t. This indicates which dishes are available. Good to know 🙂

Spis treści



A very neat and sort of „elegant” milk bar. Most of dishes are traditional with a little exception of „pierogi with kebab”. A place good not only for lunch but also for breakfast.

Bar Mleczny Bambino, ul. Hoża 19

Bar Mleczny „Prasowy”

One of the most famous milk bars in Warsaw. It was established in 1954 and its name, „Prasowy” meaning „press” refers the workers of a famous Warsaw newspaper which had its main office nearby.

Bar Mleczny „Prasowy” ul. Marszałkowska 10/16

Mokotowski Bar Mleczny
Polny Bar Mleczny
Wilanowski Bar Mleczny

Those three bars are something like brothers. They are quite young but they take cafe of milk traditions well. If you visit them you can see on their walls some captures from famous Polish movies, of course with scenes at milk bars.

Mokotowski Bar Mleczny, ul. Puławska 63
Wilanowski Bar Mleczny, ul. Klimczaka 15
Polny Bar Mleczny, ul. Waryńskiego 3a

Bar Mleczny „Rusałka”

„Rusałka” is a little milk bar next to the Warsaw-Praga cathedral. This bar has been here for a long time and survived political transformations almost untouched.

Bar Rusałka, ul. Floriańska 14

Bar Mleczny „Familijny”

On of the most crowded milk bars, mainly due to its location near the Royal Route. It’s clean and tasty but be prepared to meet here different sorts of clients from all social layers. Love their pancakes with white cheese, cream and sugar.

Bar Familijny ul. Nowy Świat 39

„Gdański” Bar Mleczny

A milk bar with a long history and a brand new, a little hipster look. You will not hear here the famous „pierogi!” from the kitchen window, instead there are electronic displays like in McDonald’s… but the dishes are of good quality.

Bar Gdański, ul. Andersa 33

Bar „Sady”

Be ready for time travel! „Sady” bar looks just like 40 or 50 years ago. The building, the climax, famous wall menu with replaceable letters, the staff and of course the food. Everything is retro here. If you’re looking for authentic places telling their history not through posters but through everyday practice, we recommend going to „Bar Sady” in Żoliborz district.

Bar „Sady”, ul. Krasińskiego 36

Bar Mleczny „Śmietanka Towarzyska”

This milk bar is not so famous as its previous brothers, but it’s definitely worth knowing if you’re in Wola district.

Bar „Śmietanka Towarzyska”, ul. Twarda

How did you like this article? I hope it was useful. Or maybe you have our own experiences with milk bars in Warsaw? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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