Did you know that there are 79 parks in Warsaw? This is one of the greenest cities in Europe. There are some districts where you can walk miles in green areas! We’ve chosen five most beautiful parks worth visiting while you’re in Warsaw.


The Royal Łazienki park is the most beautiful park in Warsaw. It was the property of a rich family from Warsaw but in the 18th century was bought by the king who decided to make this place his summer residence. He hired the best architects and started to rebuild the whole mansion. In Łazienki you can find all sorts of buildings, each one of them designed in a different style. You can come across the Greek temple, Chinese pavilions, Egyptian architecture or orangery built in art nouveau style.

But the most beautiful here are picturesque bridges, ponds and paths great for a long and romantic walks.

The Royal Łazienki Park is a must see while you’re in Warsaw. If you want to know more about this place click here.



The whole garden itself is a historical treasure. It was created in the 17th century as a property of a rich nobleman. In the 18th century it was taken over by king and then donated as a gift for Warsaw citizens and open for public. There is a beautiful garden with pond and a fountain, secluded paths and antique Krasiński Palace.

In Palace you can find the most valuable Polish manuscripts and antique books. If you visit the Park with kids they will definitely like two well equipped playgrounds. There is also a place to play boules and an open-air gym.

The Krasiński Garden is a great spot for a brake during sightseeing of The Old Town – it’s only 10 minutes walk from The Old Town Square.


The Saxon Garden was the first public park in Warsaw. Before the World War II you had to be elegeantly dressed to enter there. There also used to be a few beautiful buildings there at that time (big gate with a cafe, a wooden theatre). Unfortunately they were destroyed during the Worls War II. One of a few constructions that survived is part of a first Warsaw waterworks from the 19th century.

It is located on a small hill neat the pond. When you’re in The Saxon Garden you have to see The Unknown Soldier Thomb.

This place is a symbol of all unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland. A few arcades that you can see today its what remained after a huge Saxon Palace that was blown up after The Warsaw Uprising.

And here are same photos of the Saxon Gardens:


It was created at the end of the 19th century but even before that time this area was very popular among Warsaw citizens. People loved to spend their leisure time there. Today you will see in this Park many romantic spots, beautiful paths and ponds.

There is also one unusual attraction here – antique scale that miraculously survived the World War II. It still works and you can use it although it is a bit uncommon – you have to sit on a comfortable chair to weight yourself. This scale stands in a small wooden house located by the entrance to the park from Piękna street.


This is the most beautiful park of the right-bank Warsaw and one of the biggest in town. It was designed over a hundred years ago by a well-known gardener. It’s full of romantic paths, hidden bridges and beautiful ponds and it’s great for a long walks.

On the biggest pond in the Park you can go canoeing during the summer.

While you’re here it’s also worth visiting nearby Soho Factory and Neon Museum or spending some relaxing time on „Poniatówka beach”.

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